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Whether you're taking a weekend jaunt to the local ski resort or travelling across the world, you'll love the Samsonite Expression LTD 2-piece luggage set. Both pieces are equipped with 4 spinner wheels that provide 360-degree upright rolling in multiple directions so you can navigate easily and smoothly.
$549.99 $179.99
Easily navigate through airports and hotels with this 3-piece soft side luggage set from Swiss Gear. Part of the Souvenir collection, this set comes equipped with 4 multidirectional spinner wheels and a retractable handle to provide smooth and effortless manoeuvrability. The main compartments also feature a lockable slider to provide extra security.
$924.99 $174.99
Traipse the world with pizzazz with this 3-piece Swiss Gear hard-side luggage set from the Extravagance collection. Lightweight and water resistant, each of the 20", 24", and 28" luggage comes with 4 rolling wheels that spin in all directions, a retractable handle, and a lined interior. Two of the suitcases expand for additional capacity.
$999.99 $249.99
Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Swiss Gear has the ideal suitcase for you. This 20" soft side luggage is part of the Hockenhorn collection and features four 360-degree spinner wheels and a retractable handle for smooth rolling and maximum manoeuvrability. This case has internal tie downs and self-repairing zippers for long-lasting use.
$254.99 $79.99
Get heavyduty performance power from lightweight Swiss Gear luggage. Part of the Neo Lite collection, this 3-piece set was designed for longevity and ease of use, with multi-directional spinner wheels, ergonomic handles, and water-resistant exteriors that keep your belongings intact. They expand by 2" to fit last-minute items and souvenirs.
$1,259.99 $399.99
Navigate airports, bus terminals, and urban streets with ease. This burgundy Swiss Gear Salzburg 20" luggage with 4 spinning wheels, and retractable, locking handle provides freedom of movement. The bag expands to make room for whatever you pick up along the way, while self-repairing zippers and side studs help deter damage.
$349.99 $79.99
Glide in and out of airports with this 20" luggage piece from Swiss Gear. Part of the Victorious collection, this suitcase comes equipped with 4 spinner wheels that provide 360 degree rolling in any direction. A durable ABC plastic shell keeps your belongings protected, while an interior lid features a zippered pocket for additional packing room.
$249.99 $74.99
Jet set your next holiday destination with this reliable 24" hard-side luggage piece from the Swiss Gear Walen collection. Equipped with water-resistant, durable ABS plastic, this suitcase is designed for long-lasting use. Its 4 spinning wheels give you effortless manoeuvrability in any direction.
$324.99 $89.99